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Top 7 Incredible Health Benefits Of Oyster Mushrooms

Top 7 Incredible Health Benefits Of Oyster Mushrooms

Resembling an oyster in color and appearance, Oyster Mushroom or Pleurotus ostratus, an edible mushroom apart from enhancing the flavor of your recipes is loaded with innumerable health benefits. The mushroom which is rich in antioxidants, several vitamins, and a number of minerals; and free from fat, cholesterol, gluten, and sodium keep your body and immune system strong and healthy. Mumbai Mushroom, the trusted cultivator of mushrooms in Mumbai offers the best oyster mushroom to keep you healthy. In this blog let’s know the top 7 incredible health benefits of Oyster mushrooms.

1. Improves Immunity

Oyster mushroom is rich in beta-glucan and antioxidants such as selenium. These protect your body cell from being damaged and reduce the risk of infectious diseases, allergies, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and so on. It also prevents oxidative stress and helps your immune system in defending itself against aging. The amazing mushroom also treats pellagra, a health condition caused due to the deficiency of niacin or vitamin B3.

2. Keeps in check blood sugar level

The incredible mushroom helps to monitor blood sugar level that leads to type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This is a natural source to fight diabetes. It contains a compound guanide that employs a powerful anti-hyperglycemic effect which lowers blood sugar levels naturally. Besides, it also decreases triglycerides and cholesterol levels in diabetics.

On the other hand, the presence of vitamin B in oyster mushrooms converts carbohydrates into glucose and generates energy. Vitamin B also metabolizes proteins and fats; and rebuilds muscles, tissues, and organs.

3. Lowers the risk of heart diseases

Oyster mushroom is packed with fiber that keeps your heart healthy. It also contains vitamin B3 that reduces atherosclerosis, a condition that hardens arteries and lowers histamine production and inflammation to improve blood circulation.

Thus, it is a wonderful agent that reduces the risk of several cardiovascular diseases. Incorporate oyster mushrooms in your diet to prevent heart diseases and cardiac arrest and especially those who are prone to such diseases.

4. Keeps your brain healthy

Loaded with vitamin B3 and minerals like copper, oyster mushroom improves the functionality of your brain. Vitamin B3 lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment due to aging. Copper, on the other hand, impacts the brain pathways and regulates mood, reduces fatigue, and increases concentration. It also aids in the utilization of the antioxidants such as vitamin C, ascorbate oxidase, and tyrosinase. These antioxidants prevent the production of free radicals that may cause damage to your brain. These also reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and aging.

5. Lowers the risk of cancer

Oyster mushroom, the wonderful mushroom, has several compounds that suppress the growth of cancer cells. It contains beta-glucans and polysaccharides that have anti-tumor properties. It especially represses the growth of breast cancer, colon cancer. Oyster mushrooms have therapeutic effects against colorectal tumors and leukemia cells. Besides, it also prevents DNA damage through multiple mechanisms.

6. Prevents tooth decay

Other important compounds and minerals such as vitamin D, phosphorus, and calcium present in oyster mushrooms help you maintain dental health. It aids in maintaining jaw-bone mineral density and tooth enamel. Besides, vitamin D also reduces the risk of gum inflammation that may cause gum diseases.

7. Reduces the risk of anemia

Anemia, commonly known as deficiency of blood, causes several health issues. Reduced red blood cells lower the amount of oxygen in the blood that affects the metabolic activities of your body. Vitamin B2 in oyster mushrooms produces red blood cells and thus maintains oxygen levels in the blood. In addition, vitamin B2 also reduces the homocysteine levels in the blood and prevents arterial damage.


Thus, the blog suggests that flavourful oyster mushrooms have incredible health benefits. Incorporate healthy mushrooms in your diet to lower the risk of several diseases. Now, if you’re worried about where to get pure and healthy oyster mushrooms, you may reach out to us. Mumbai Mushroom, with the state-of-the-art unit in Mumbai, produces the best oyster mushrooms under the supervision of our expert cultivators. To buy oyster mushrooms, visit our website.